Why turning 13 years old is a big deal!

If your child, niece or nephew is turning 13 years old, you know it’s a big deal to them. It’s the first year they’re transitioning from being a child (or tween) to being a teenager. They might not be changing schools but they’ll feel like they’re more grown up. Girls, in particular, will feel more grown up and won’t expect toys as gifts any more.

So a kid turning thirteen shouldn’t just be a big deal to them, it should be a big deal to you too. And you should buy them a gift that commemorates this momentous birthday in their life. Not to mention, this gives you the chance to become the absolute favourite aunt, uncle or family friend!

Why is age 13 so important?

Age 13 is important to boys and girls because their bodies are starting to change as they experience puberty. This means that they might be feeling more self-conscious about their appearance.

Socially and emotionally, their hormones for thirteen year olds are really kicking in which can cause drama at school and in other friend groups. But still, these kids will start to pull away from their parents, preferring time with their friends. They’ll strive for independence, but ultimately will still seek adult approval, which could be from teachers, parents, aunts and uncles.

Is a 13 year old considered a child?

A thirteen year old boy or girl is still considered a child, but that doesn’t mean that they consider themselves as a child! They might have their own social media accounts where they can communicate with their friends privately, they’ll be defining who they are outside of familial structures and they’ll be getting taller faster. So don’t treat them like you would a child. Ensure there is space for open conversations about their friends and how they are finding transitioning into being a teenager.

How to make a 13th birthday feel like a big deal

There’s lots of ways to make a child’s 13th birthday feel like a big deal. To start, you could work with them to plan their birthday party. In previous years, you may have done all the planning for them, but this is a chance for your thirteen year old to get creative, choose a theme, create invitations and invite all their friends. Just try and stay out the way when the party is in full swing – you might not be invited!!

Another way to make any girl turning 13 feel like it is a big deal is to buy them a more grown up gift. You may even consider buying them something they can treasure for years to come. We have a wide selection of jewellery for 13 year old girls, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and jewellery boxes.

Possibly the best jewellery for thirteen year old girls are pieces which have semi-precious stones. It’s a great way to make them feel really special without breaking the bank!

Bestselling gifts for 13 year old girls

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