What Kind Of Jewellery Does Gen Z Wear? By Age Group!

Generation Z include people (mostly kids!) born between the years of 1997 and 2012, which means their current ages are between 12 and 27. The youngest of Gen Z are approaching teenage-hood which means that many millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers are stumped when it comes to what’s fashionable. 

Most older teenagers in Gen Z like gold jewellery with a bit of a sparkle, or something different. Like a pair of gold hoops which are decorated with some crystals or a cute bracelet which they can use to layer with other bracelets. We have collections for teenagers who are into crystals, nature, one for teens who are LGBTQIA+

Younger Gen Z – Tweens & Age 13, 14 & 15

The younger teens in Gen Z are still getting into jewellery. That means that they’d really like a pair of special stud earrings, like these affordable crystal flower ones or even a bracelet which is decorated with a daisy and bee. Jewellery which feels more ‘grown up’ but is still cute is perfect for this age group. You could even buy them a cute jewellery box, so they can protect their growing collection!

Really, the perfect gift for this age group is a matching set. Our bestselling celestial bracelet and necklace set, which is plated with sterling silver makes the perfect gift from an aunt, godmother or family friend. 

If you’d like to buy something smaller than a matching set, then the best gift is a bangle. Silver bangles are exactly what younger girls would want, and she can keep it for years to come, making it a really special gift. 

Older Teenagers in Gen Z – Age 15 to 19

Older teens in Gen Z, age 15 and above are really into gold jewellery which is decorated with crystals and other semi-precious stones. You can start buying them moonstone pendants and rose quartz hoop earrings. Check out this collection below which will make the perfect gift for any teenager age 15, 16 or 17. 

Shop By Age

For Generation Z teenage girls, we have handpicked jewellery which will make the best gift for each age group. Whether you are the aunt of a crystal girlie, an LGBT+ creative or a girly girl who wants all eyes on her, we have the best picks. 


It’s very fashionable to layer jewellery. Layering means wearing multiple pieces at once. They might all be super consistent, or they might all be really different (including different metals). You could buy your favourite Gen Z-er a long pendant necklace, which would be the ‘statement’ piece in any layered collection. 


We are proud to support the LGBTQIA+ community. If you know a boy or girl who is part of that community and would love a piece of jewellery as a gift, turn to our Rainbow Collection to show them that you love and support them, no matter what! They’ll know from you that they can wear their gift with pride. 

The Confidence Collection

The teenage years were tough on everyone’s confidence, I’m sure you remember! We have curated a collection of crystals, spinner rings (for anxiety), jewellery boxes, trinket dishes, diaries and affirmation cards to help boost any teenager’s confidence levels during those difficult years. We recommend the affirmation cards, in particular. They make a lovely add-on gift to any piece of jewellery. 

Shop the entire confidence collection

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