How To Choose The Best Jewellery For Prom

Prom season is just around the corner, and while you might have decided on your dress, you might not be so sure on what jewellery to wear with it. This handy guide will help you and your family choose the best prom jewellery for the big night. Send a link to this article to your parents and grandparents – you might just get something sparkly out of it!

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Dress Sparkle

The first consideration is how much sparkle your dress already has. If it’s very sparkly and embellished, you might choose to go with simple, or minimal jewellery. A great way to do this is to choose a simple pair of studs, as well as a bracelet. If you also have your nails done with some sparkling elements, this should be more than enough. 

If you’re minimising the sparkle in your jewellery, you can opt for a pair of pearl drop earrings, which are considered a very sophisticated look. 

However, if your dress isn’t sparkly at all, you can really go to town with super-sparkly jewellery. We recommend our crystal flower necklace set (necklace and drop earrings), which any prom queen will be able to wear and cherish for years to come. 

Dress Colour

The general rule of thumb is to match your jewellery to the tone of your dress rather than the colour. However, if you’re wearing a neutral dress, you can pair it with almost any colour of jewellery, but we advise to keep the jewellery colour consistent across pieces. We have gold and silver jewellery, but our favourite sets for prom in silver:

Dress Straps, Or No Straps

If you are wearing a strapless dress, you may be debating whether to wear a necklace. There are a few options here:

  • No necklace and statement earrings
  • Layered necklace and stud earrings
  • Statement necklace and stud earrings

The key is to keep the balance between your jewellery here. You should also consider if there are any features on your dress that you don’t want to distract from, like a ruched sweetheart neckline. 

If your dress has straps, you may consider wearing a shorter necklace or none at all.

Jewellery Theme

We might be biased, but we think the best jewellery theme for prom is a celestial theme! Choose jewellery which is adorned with stars, the moon and the sun to represent your big night of glamour. Shop our celestial collection for the full range.

Something Different

Not all prom jewellery has to be gold and silver / sparkle or no sparkle! We also stock a range of gorgeous pendants which are decorated with peach moonstone and raw quartz. These will look lovely with a darker dress, or one that matches the colour of the pendant.

Shopping for a Gift?

If you’re not sure what to gift a teenager for their prom night, you have come to the right place. We have lots of jewellery and it’s sorted by age, so you’ll have no problem finding the right piece. 

Before you purchase, make sure you know what colour scheme your prom-goer has chosen. Then you can choose the perfect piece of jewellery for them! While we have a very unique earring collection, we recommend buying them a bracelet since they may have plans already for earrings and necklaces. 

No matter what you buy, we’ll gift wrap it, so you can send it directly to your prom queen! 

Shop the entire prom jewellery collection

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