What Jewellery Do You Buy Your Teenage Daughter?

Shopping for your teen daughter isn’t easy. It can be difficult to tie up their tastes with what’s available and what’s cool. However, you can’t ever go wrong with jewellery. We try and test all of our pieces before they go on the website, and we categorise everything by age. That means you can get quality, age-appropriate jewellery easily, and it’s even gift wrapped!

Your first consideration should be the age of your daughter – we have very different collections for younger and older teenagers. Check out our thoughts on the best present below. 

Best Gift For Your Daughter, Age 13 to 15

If your daughter is a younger teenager, it might be that she is just starting to find her style. The best gift to give her is a piece of fine silver jewellery, made from sterling silver or white gold, to start growing her collection. 

While celestial jewellery is popular, she will also still be delighted by a pair of cute earrings which are decorated with small animals (like bees) or daisies. We recommend this pair of sterling silver daisy studs as a first option, which are sterling silver, hypoallergenic and only £22. 

You could also buy her a small jewellery box, so she is able to take her nice jewellery on holiday and to sleepovers with friends. We have some cool options in stock, which also come with embroidered pins. 

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Best Gift For Your Daughter, Age 16 to 19

For older teenagers, age 16, 17, 18 and 19, you should consider buying a pair of gold hoop earrings. They are currently very fashionable in the UK, particularly ones which are more minimal. We have some very cool ‘hammered effect’ gold earrings which are both incredibly cool and gentle on newer ear piercings. 

Older teenagers are beginning to be more interested in spirituality and crystals. Any teen girl who is into crystals knows that rose quartz carries healing powers which release stress. A rose quartz crystal necklace or pair of earrings is a brilliant present if your daughter is going through her GCSEs or A Levels. 

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Gifts To Give Her A Boost

The awareness being brought to anxiety and mental health issues in teenage girls is excellent – it means the adults in their lives can support them during stressful and anxiety-inducing times. Our Confidence Collection has been created to help you give gifts to teenage girls who need a boost. 

Not only do we stock ‘SELF LOVE CLUB’ rings, but we also have affirmation cards and a positivity flip book. These all make excellent ‘just because’ gifts for a teen girl who needs a confidence boost.

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Big Birthdays – Sweet 16 & 18th Birthdays

For big birthdays, like their sweet sixteen or eighteenth, you should consider buying keepsake jewellery which is more special than anything you have previously purchased. That doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, but it does mean you should specifically choose fine jewellery, made from sterling silver and even something which is gold plated. 

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