What Do 13 Year Old Girls Like To Do For Their Birthday?

Turning 13 is a big deal! It’s the start of your teen years and you’re growing your independence as an individual, away from family. That means that most 13 year old girls would like to split their birthday parties – one with their friends and another with their family.

There are lots of activities that can be arranged for both of these parties. Here are some of the best.

Pizza Party

For a low-maintenance party, arrange a pizza party! Most teens love pizza and this is a great way to bring everyone together. To make it extra fun, just buy pizza bases and then the toppings separately. Then the girls can choose their own pizza toppings and adjust to their taste.

Amusement Park

Girls age 13 are really beginning to challenge themselves, and what better way than facing fears at an amusement park. In my day, Alton Towers was the ultimate destination, but you should choose the best location depending on yours! 

Girls who are 13 are becoming more independent, so this is a great chance to let them choose which rides they’d like to visit on their own. Give them times to meet you, and then let them do the rest. It’s a great way of helping them develop their friend group and their negotiating skills. 

Camping in the Garden

Not for everyone, but a fun adventure if you already have a family size tent! Camping in the garden overnight is a fun activity for any girl to do with their friends. They’ll feel independent in their own space but also secure, knowing you’re only in the house. 

A sleepover with friends is one thing, but make their birthday party a gathering to remember with camping!

At-Home Spa Day

Easy to arrange and a fun day for girls, plan an at-home spa day! This could include home made face masks, foot masks and more. You’d probably want to keep the party for around 5 people if you did this (to keep mess down!) but this is a great way for girls to indulge on their birthday and experience a bit of a pamper. 

Movie Sleepover

Give up your living room to teenage girls for the night! Tell guests to bring their sleeping bags and have a sleepover night of movies and popcorn. This is an absolute classic birthday party for girls aged 13, but expect some very sleepy people in the morning!


You don’t need to have all the kit to have a fantastic night of karaoke! Simply load YouTube on your TV and leave the girls to their evening of singing. They’ll have a fantastic time and you can guarantee they’ll be laughing about it at school on Monday. 

To Sum Up

13 year old girls will be happy doing anything for their birthday, so long as they get to spend time with their friends and their family. Ensure they have some part in the decision making process, but encourage them to connect with their friends and not compare their party to other people’s. 

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