Top Gifts To Ease Anxiety In Teenagers

Teenage girls, with their changing bodies, hormone changes and social pressures, are prone to experience some form of anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry or fear which can be mild or can be severe, according to the NHS. In fact, mental health charity Mind has reported that 31% of young people, aged 16 to 24 have reported some evidence of anxiety or depression, and this appears to be rising year on year. 

As a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or godparent, you’re keen to not only alleviate anxiety in teenagers when it shows, but also prevent it from happening at all. There are lots of excellent gifts you can buy teenagers to help them feel better in themselves and aid a recovery from anxiety process. 

Fidget Jewelry For Anxiety

The first, excellent gift, is a minimalistic hypoallergenic anxiety ring. These rings are subtle so no one will know it’s for anxiety. The sterling silver balls on the ring are perfect to play with and prevent anxious behaviours like skin picking, and the whole ring is made from sterling silver so it won’t irritate skin. 

The band on the ring is not completely closed, so you don’t have to worry about sizing and you can send it with a motivational message at checkout. 

Positivity Flip Chart

A message for each week of the year, this positivity flip chart is a brilliant bedroom accessory for any girl who needs a boost first thing in the morning. This floral flip chart won’t take up much space on a desk and the sweet messages can even be cut out and framed. 

Affirmation Cards & Tokens

Whether your favourite teen would prefer bright and bold cards, or minimal wooden tokens, affirmation quotes are a great way to build resilience against anxiety. She’ll be telling those anxious thoughts things like ‘I choose to let go of what I cannot control’ and ‘I feel grounded, confident, worthy and whole’. 

While you may not fully buy into the process of affirmation cards, this is really the power of positive thinking. Choosing to hear the positive affirmations and do away with the negative anxious thoughts. 

Mindfulness Journal

The Positive Planner takes you on a 12 week journey of self care, helping teenagers create structure and positive thinking when they need it most. The journal can even help to create coping mechanisms for years to come, to help manage anxiety.

The canary yellow, hardback journal includes mood trackers, activities for mindfulness, activities for positive thinking, daily intentions and evening reflections. It really is a thoughtful gift for a teenager who is experiencing anxiety about exams and school. 

Affirmation Candles

Our collection of soy, vegan candles are decorated with affirmations and crystals to go alongside them. Not only are they very affordable, but she’ll get a nice tin and crystals at the end of burning the candle!

Each crystal set is linked with the affirmation, to help bring that power. For example, the ‘I am unstoppable’ candle contains aquamarine stones which bring courage, harmony and clarity.

Reminder To Love Yourself Jewelry 

These fun rings should be in every woman’s stocking this Christmas! That’s right! If you’re seeing this, get one for your sister, niece and best friend. No matter what age we are, all women need a reminder to be kind to ourselves and to love ourselves, and what better way than this signet ring!

To Sum Up

Buying anything to help ease your favourite teen’s anxiety is a great way to show them that they have love and support through a more difficult time. 

You might also want to buy them some jewellery, which you can find categorised by the age of your teenager here

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