What Does A Locket Necklace Symbolise?

Lockets date back centuries, people have always hidden keepsakes in them which they want to keep close to their heart. Today, the locket is still used to keep sentimental items, but they are also a cool fashion accessory which any teenager would enjoy wearing.

You may think that most teens would wear a locket as a simple fashion accessory. However, one that has been bought by a family member as a gift is likely to mean much more to them. They may choose to hide something deeply personal in it like an affirmation or picture. 

Why do people wear a locket?

The placement of a locket necklace is important: it’s close to the heart. Often, people wear lockets for sentimental reasons, to keep something special inside the locket and close to the heart. 

Teenagers also wear lockets for fashion reasons – it’s a cool addition to an outfit, particularly if they enjoy a more vintage look. 

What do you put in your locket?

You can store anything small in your locket, depending on why you have it. 

If you have your locket because someone has passed, then you can put their picture in it or even a small piece of their writing. 

If you have bought a locket for a teenager, we recommend gifting it with a handwritten affirmation inside. Something like ‘You can do anything’ or ‘Believe in yourself’. This will make for a treasured, sentimental gift that they can keep for years to come. 

A locket is a particularly sentimental gift for teenagers who are going through a transitionary stage in their life. They make excellent 16th and 18th birthday presents, as well as moving out gifts for teen girls on their way to university. 

Are lockets still in fashion?

The romantic idea of a locket will always be in fashion. And today, with the fashionable ‘layering’ trend of necklaces (where you wear multiple necklaces at once), a locket necklace is a very cool addition to any teen’s attire. 

What is the difference between a pendant and a locket?

A pendant and a locket are very different. A pendant can be anything which hangs from a chain around the neck, but a locket opens and can hide something inside. 

Do lockets make good gifts?

Lockets make excellent gifts, especially when they are given to a younger generation within a family. They can be gifted in remembrance of someone close or just as a beautiful accessory that she can treasure for years to come. 

We have two lockets in stock. Both are made from 925 sterling silver, so they are hypoallergenic and will stand the test of time. The first is a heart shape with a flower engraved on the front. It opens traditionally and has a high-shine finish. The second is a unique set of angel wings which both open to reveal what’s inside. A truly sentimental gift for any teenager. 

How do you open a locket necklace?

Most lockets open like a book: they have a hinge on one side and a small clasp on the other. The enables the owner to easily open it. Because they are so small, this can sometimes be a bit fiddly! 

Some lockets open at the font and have two ‘doors’. This often makes for an easier opening mechanism.

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