Best Gifts For A 15 Year Old Teenage Girl in 2024

Are you shopping for a birthday present for a 15 year old girl? Then welcome, I’m so pleased you have found this gift guide. Why? Because shopping for teenage girls is hard (and a little scary because… well… they are a little scary) and you want to buy them something that will make them feel great about themselves. 

Here at Sparkle, we specialise in gifts to help teen girls sparkle! It’s super important that, no matter what you buy, your favourite teenager feels great wearing or using it. 

Now remember, we are a jewellery shop based in the UK, which means we think that jewellery is fundamentally the very best gift you can buy for a 15 year old girl. However, we do stock a few special items that are not jewellery (and they’re not just jewellery boxes) which we think they’ll love. 

Okay, we’re almost at the gift guide. I just wanted to remind you before we get there that we gift wrap anything you buy for free and you can add a handwritten message, also for free! This means you can send your gift directly with confidence. 

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Birthstone Jewellery

A sentimental, keepsake gift which any 15 year old girl will love, birthstone jewellery is best gifted from a grandparent. In fact, if you have multiple teenagers to buy for, gifting them each some birthstone jewellery is a great way to give something sentimental without too much hassle for you! 

Choose from a sterling silver birthstone necklace or a pair of sterling silver birthstone stud earrings. Both are hypoallergenic and if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can buy the whole set for her!

Bangles And Bracelets

A classic! We love a cute silver bangle or adorable gold charm bracelet here at Sparkle. We have a wide range in stock, which you can shop here. But I have listed our bestsellers below. A true favourite of mine is the star and moon silver bangle, as well as the celestial silver bracelet which has a necklace to match. 

Chain Necklaces

Incredibly cool and minimal, chain necklaces are trending all over TikTok. Why? Because they’re perfect for layering and create a very chic finish to every outfit. We have three options and they are all made from 925 sterling silver, they’re hypoallergenic and anti-tarnish. 

You can’t go wrong with this gift, and if you’re not sure which chain is best, opt for the Italian Snake option.  

Anklet For The Beach

In those summer months, your teen loves nothing more than wearing a pair of cropped jeans with a cute top. Help her accessorise with our range of anklets. They’re also the perfect gift if she is about to go on a beach holiday. 

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Special Silver Lockets

Maybe the sweetest gift in this collection, buy her a 925 sterling silver locket and stash a loving message inside. We have a lovely heart option or a more sentimental angel wing design. These are accompanied with a sterling silver anti-tarnish chain. 

We also have a stainless steel locket available, which is engraved with swirling flowers. 

Positive Thinking Cards & Tokens

Turning age 15 can be a difficult time for many teenagers. Their hormones are going wild and they’re thinking about sitting their GCSE exams. They’re also developing more complicated relationships with their friends and working out how the world really works. 

You might not believe in the power of affirmations, but studies have suggested that they genuinely have power, like this one where they have been used to treat people with low self-esteem

We have a wide range of affirmation gifts in our Confidence Collection, but our favourites are the affirmation cards and the affirmation tokens, which have a wide range of affirmations to help any teenager through those difficult years. 

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Birth Flower Jewellery

New for spring, our collection of birth flower necklaces are truly enchanting! Choose from a rose gold or a gold option, these necklaces are engraved with the birth flower depending on the month. They make the perfect gift for a 15 year old because they are very cool, as well as a lovely present. 

Jewellery Pot For Travelling

We have a couple of cute jewellery pots in stock! These are perfect for girls who like to take their jewellery everywhere, and they also make a lovely first jewellery box. 

Choose from a cool leopard print design with a removable embroidered pin of a tiger (basically two gifts in one) or a cute velvet green option which is embroidered with a celestial design. 

Heart Jewellery To Show Your Love

We have lots of heart-shaped jewellery in stock! This is the perfect gift for a teen you love, but might not know that well! A heart-pendant necklace or bracelet is the perfect catch-all present, and you can send it direct because we will gift wrap anything you buy for free. 

Cool Rings (You Don’t Have To Worry About Size)

We have a fantastic collection of gold and silver rings which are open at the back. This means that you don’t have to worry about sizing, you can simply pick you favourite and we’ll send it directly to her. 

Our bestseller is our feather ring, but the simple sterling silver band is new in stock and I have found it incredibly comfortable for every day wear. 

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Affirmation Candles with Crystals 

Look, we’re back to the affirmation stuff, but this one is more fun, and it has crystals so you’re giving two gifts in one! These very affordable candles (only £10 at the time of writing) have an affirmation sticker on the outside, including ‘I am unstoppable’, ‘I am enough’, ‘I am grounded’ and ‘I am resilient’. 

The candles, which are in a recyclable tin, are then adorned with crystals which have properties to help your favourite teen achieve full believe in that affirmation. For example, the ‘I am unstoppable’ candle contains aquamarine stones which is a stone of courage, harmony, and clarity, perfect to achieve your dreams. 

Fidget Ring

This is the perfect gift for a 15 year old girl who suffers from anxiety or skin picking. Our minimal, sterling silver ring is not only a lovely accessory, but the beads on the ring move, which gives unsettled hands something to do. The ring is also not a fixed size, which means you don’t need to worry about ring size before purchasing it and can send it direct. 

Positivity Flip Chart

Our positivity flip chart is a super popular gift within our confidence collection. This small flip book is desk-sized and contains a positive quote for every day of the year. Plus, the whole book is beautifully illustrated with a floral design, so it will look great in her bedroom. 

This is the perfect gift for a girl who needs a boost every now and then. 

Rose Quartz Jewellery 

Our small but mighty rose quartz jewellery collection is perfect for any 15 year old girl who is into crystals. Rose quartz is known for bringing calmness and inner peace and we have necklaces and earrings which means she can carry the stone with her in jewellery rather than a stone. 

Silk Scrunchie 

Silk is trending on TikTok! Why? It has amazing properties which reduce damage and is kind to skin. Silk hair ties reduce damage and they can sleep with it in their hair and avoid hair damage through the night. At a cost of £12, this is a very affordable gift that she will love. 

Swifty Themed Jewellery

It’s 2024 and the Eras Tour has (finally) come to Europe. If your favourite teen is a fan of Taylor Swift, you should buy her a piece of snake themed jewellery. Seems random if you’re not ‘in the know’, but snakes were a big part of Taylor’s Reputation Era, and will remind your favourite teen to keep her head up, even when times are tough. 

We have a very cool gold snake ring, or a pair of gold snake stud earrings to choose from. 


Buying gifts for 15 year old girls is not easy! But with Sparkle, you can rest assured that all our gifts are tried and tested before they go on our website. We don’t add anything that isn’t up to scratch! 

To browse the entire collection, visit the ‘Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls’ page via the button below. Remember, we gift wrap everything for free so you can send it directly with confidence.

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