Gift Ideas For 14 Year Old Girls, UK

It’s time to buy a gift for your favourite 14 year old girl and you’re probably stumped. Why? 14 year old girls are hard to buy for, and you don’t want to get it wrong because they’re also a little scary. 

There are lots of gifts you can buy for a 14 year old girl’s birthday, but we think our collection is best. Yes, it’s VERY jewellery focussed, but we’re a jewellery company, and you really can’t go wrong with gifting a bangle, necklace or pair of charm earrings! We do have a few non-jewellery options that might surprise you too. 

Shopping with us is easy because, no matter what you buy, we gift wrap it so you can send direct with confidence. We can also include a handwritten message, which makes a birthday present even more special. 

Everything listed below is safely stored in our UK hub and we test all our jewellery before we upload it to our website (yes, my friends are amazed that I wear a different pair of earrings every day, and my jewellery collection is growing at quite the rate!)

So, here we go, this is what you should absolutely buy your favourite 14 year old for her birthday, to help her sparkle!

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Bangles & Bracelets

Silver bangles are trending! Not only do they look very cool but they are versatile – she can wear the one you buy on its own or she can layer it with other bracelets for a very cool look. Our favourite bangle is this star and moon one, which is also a bestseller!

Birthstone Jewellery

Looking for more of a sentimental gift that she can keep for years to come? Our birthstone jewellery is both affordable and fashionable. Choose a necklace or a pair of studs which are made from sterling silver, making them hypoallergenic. 

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Socks with Embroidered Pins

Socks aren’t just for Christmas! This fun gift set comes with an embroidered pin which is removable. She can attach it to her coat or handbag. Really, you’re buying two gifts in one with this very cool set. 


As girls get older, the idea of a locket becomes more appealing. They can keep something which means a lot to them close to their heart. Our lockets are made from 925 sterling silver and are anti-tarnish, meaning they will stand the test of time if cared for well. Even better, you can add a small note into the locket, making the gift even more special. 


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Affirmation Gifts

You might not be into affirmations, but studies show that they really work! At age 14, girls are battling hormones, changes in friend groups and maybe even their first crush. What better time to bolster their confidence and remind them that they should believe in themselves and maintain their confidence. 

We have a range of affirmation gifts, including rings, tokens, candles and cards. We’re a big fan of all of them and they make for very special gifts. 

Silk Scrunchie

This really is a TikTok special. Have you heard about the power of silk? NO?! Well, if your favourite 14 year old is on TikTok, she already has. Silk is the perfect material for a hair tie, because it’s gentle on the hair and doesn’t break it in the same way as traditional hair ties. This is a lovely ‘extra’ gift alongside a bracelet or pair of earrings. 

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Cute Stud Earrings

Okay, I’m giving you a ‘get out of jail free’ card here. You can’t go wrong with a pair of silver or gold stud earrings. She’ll wear them for years to come and they look good on second ear piercings (which she may get on her own in a few years). We have a few very cute options, including ones in the shape of flowers, bees or stars. 

Positivity Flip Chart

This dainty flip chart is not only great for giving a 14 year old girl a boost every morning, but it also makes lovely bedroom decor! Decorated with flowers and a morning positive quote, this is a lovely gift for any teenager. 

Heart-Shaped Jewellery

Heart-shaped jewellery never goes out of fashion. Shop our range of fashionable necklaces, rings and bracelets which are adorned with heart shaped pendants and charms. Remember, we gift wrap everything so you can send it direct (with a handwritten message, if you’d like!)

Silver Chains

Silver chains are trending! This very cool jewellery gift is a must-have for any 14 year old girl. Not only are they very versatile, but she can keep it for years to come and even hang a pendant from it in the future. All our silver chains are made from 925 sterling silver, which is anti-tarnish and hypoallergenic. 


We hope this gift guide has helped you buy a special present for your favourite 14 year old girl. We ship to everywhere in the UK, and this is free if you spend £30 or more! 

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