Do Affirmations Really Work?

Affirmations are a self-help strategy to bolster self confidence and reduce anxiety. The aim is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and shift focus to a more positive outset. 

Our ethos is to help teenage girls feel great about themselves, which is why we stock so many affirmation products! From rings, to tokens, candles and cards, you can find it here. But when browsing these products, you might find yourself asking ‘but do affirmations really work?’ Here’s the answer. 

Why do affirmations work?

Numerous studies have shown that self-affirmations have a wide range of benefits, particularly around reducing stress and anxiety. They work because of neuroplasticity and, essentially, the ability to trick the brain. 

Our brains can sometimes get lost in negative thought which may not be our reality. This can be particularly hard for teen girls who are also battling the start of PMS symptoms and their hormones generally going mad. 

Affirmations enable us to change those negative thoughts into positive thoughts and bring that into our reality. This can help reduce stress and generally have more self-belief in difficult situations. 

When can affirmations be powerful? 

When they are specific

Affirmations can be really powerful when applied to specific situations. For example, we suggest buying affirmation rings for girls during exam season. One reads ‘Believe’, which will help them to believe that they can succeed in their exam. 

When they are set in the present

Affirmations are also most powerful when set in the present. They are different from manifesting. Going back to the exam example, a teen girl may manifest a good grade with ‘I will get an A in this exam’, but during the exam, she’ll use an affirmation set in the present like ‘I am confident in my ability to stay focussed today’. 

The affirmation enables teenagers to have the confidence, presence of mind and focus to achieve what they are manifesting. 

When they are practiced daily

To get the most benefits from affirmations, reciting them should be turned into a habit and practiced daily. It doesn’t need to be for more than 3 minutes, and you can use the same affirmations each time, but this will help make them more powerful. 

When they are said out loud, with intent

Saying something out loud helps to make it real. And it’s important to be mindful and really listen to yourself during this process. It helps to make the affirmation more ‘real’. 

Do affirmations always work?

In order to be really effective, affirmations should be followed up with an action. For example if your favourite teen is working to remain calm in an exam with an affirmation like ‘I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to’, then they should do some breathing exercises before the exam in order to maintain that calm demeanor and therefore follow through with the affirmation. 


Affirmations are a powerful tool to help your favorite teen through those more difficult years. We have a whole collection of products and gifts to help her start her affirmation and confidence journey. It’s called The Confidence Collection, and if you’re reading this, we highly recommend you have a browse!

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