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Looking to buy a special gift for your favourite 13 year old girl? Then I’m so pleased you have found this page! Shopping for girls who have just become teenagers can be a little daunting, you might not know exactly what’s currently trending and what will be useful to them. But turning 13 years old is an important milestone, so it’s important that you buy them a brilliant present. 

Here at Sparkle, we have handpicked gifts for teens to help them feel brilliant about themselves. While our main focus is fine jewellery (because every teenager loves starting their jewellery collection), we have other fun options which any girl aged 13 would love to receive. 

Whether it’s her birthday, Christmas or ‘just because’, you can shop our tried and approved collection with confidence. Don’t forget, gift wrapping is included no matter what you buy so if you don’t live close to your favourite teenager, you can still send it direct. 

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Bracelets & Bangles

First on the list because they’re our bestsellers for this age group, a silver bracelet or bangle is the perfect gift for a girl aged 13. We find that godmothers and aunts often gift bracelets to their goddaughters and nieces, but this is also a brilliant gift from grandparents to their granddaughter. 

A bracelet makes for a slightly more special gift for a new teenager which they can keep and treasure for years to come. 

Birthstone Jewellery

We have a range of birthstone jewellery which makes a lovely gift for a teenager. Most of our birthstone necklaces and rings come in silver and feature a zircon-coloured stone, making them both affordable and very sparkly. 

For a 13th birthday, a dainty birthstone necklace on an anti-tarnish chain makes for the best keepsake gift and we recommend this from grandparents to a granddaughter. You can also buy a matching pair of earrings to complete the set. 

Very Cool Socks with a Removable Pin

Shout out to the cool aunts! This is the gift you should give your favourite 13 year old girl for her birthday. Not only are these socks very cool, but they’re basically two gifts in one. Choose pink socks with a removable shell pin or navy socks with a removable eye pin. 

The pins are embroidered and can be attached to a coat or a handbag, but we think they look best at the top of the sock, paired with a cropped pair of jeans. 

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Silver Pendant Necklaces

We have a range of lovely silver necklaces which both come with or without a pendant. For girls age 13, a pendant necklace is best. Our most popular sellers are heart pendants, but we also recommend our sterling silver shell pendant necklace and our stunning leaping hare necklace for a sentimental gift which she can treasure for years to come. 

Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings

At age thirteen, it’s likely that your favourite teen has only just had her ears pierced, so hypoallergenic sterling silver or stainless steel stud earrings are best. We have lots of options including birthstone studs, daisy studs and ones in the shape of dinosaurs. 

For something a little different, take a look at our ‘sparkle all night’ earrings which are studs with a sparkling drop behind the ear lobe. They make for a lovely grown up gift for a young lady becoming a teenager. 

Initial Necklace

New in stock for 2023, our initial necklaces are a lovely gift which a teenager will wear again and again. Featuring a letter engraved within a heart, this minimal but very cool piece of jewellery makes for a lovely gift. We even do our best to stock all letters, so even if your favourite teenager has an unusual name, you should be able to find their initial here!

Jewellery Box For Travel

At age 13, girls are starting to spend more time at their friends’ houses and doing a little more travelling, maybe for a school trip or a concert. Buy them a little jewellery pot so their special jewellery remains safe in transit. 

A Locket with a Special Message

Possibly the most sentimental gift idea for a girl aged 13, buy one of our lovely sterling silver lockets and write a lovely message to go inside it. This is a lovely present for your granddaughter or niece. Even better, if you don’t live close to her, we can write the message and add it into the locket for you, just add it to the notes box when you check out!

Affirmation Cards & Tokens

At 13 years old, girls are becoming more aware of themselves, their changing bodies and their social circle is becoming more important to them. Sometimes, this can knock their confidence, but you can build it back up with a lovely gift of affirmation cards or affirmation tokens. 

Affirmations actually work and the brightly decorated cards provide a range of actionable, specific affirmations which will help with positive thinking. 

Star Sign Constellation Necklaces

These extremely cool silver cable-chain necklaces feature your teen’s star sign in a circle. Each star featured in the constellation is inlaid with a clear gemstone, making it a lovely sparkling gift which is dedicated to them. 

Cute Silver Ring

If your favourite 13 year old is just starting to get into jewellery, buy them a lovely silver ring to really start their collection. Our favourite is a feather ring which wraps around your finger. 


This collection of gifts are brilliant for any 13 year old girl’s birthday or other special occasion. We think jewellery really is the best gift for a 13 year old because it’s a special gift which really marks the importance of becoming a teenager. Silver jewellery is best for this age group (and generally is preferable for 14 year olds too), but that doesn’t mean she won’t continue to wear it for years to come. 

Don’t forget, no matter what you buy, we’ll gift wrap and send it direct at no extra cost. You can also add a handwritten message for free!

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