What Is The Most Popular Jewellery Type?

When shopping for jewellery to give as a gift, you might be wondering what the most popular type of jewellery is. 

Really, there are four jewellery types to choose from: bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. You can also buy anklets, cuffs and more, but they are certainly not the most popular. 

The Most Popular Jewellery For Gifting

For gifting purposes, we have found that the most popular jewellery type is a bracelet. Bracelets are a very versatile piece and both silver and gold options look brilliant. Additionally, you can buy affordable pieces which look more expensive than they are, making them a lovely keepsake gift from (for example) mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter. 

In our experience, we mostly sell bracelets as gifts. Although this isn’t consistent with what people are searching for or the most popular jewellery to wear, we think we are seeing this trend because we specifically sell gifts for teenagers. It may also be because we have some stunning bracelets in stock!

The Most Popular Jewellery To Wear

The most popular jewellery that women wear most often is earrings, with 90% reporting to have worn them most often, according to this study. The study doesn’t go into more detail as to why earrings are the most popular piece to wear, but it’s likely that there are lots of versatile options to go with work outfits, weekend outfits and the new dearth of waterproof jewellery means there are options even for during sports. 

Our collection of earrings includes studs, hoops and charm earrings in lots of designs. You could choose a pair of celestial charm hoop earrings or a cute pair of silver birthstone studs. 

The Most Popular Jewellery Searched

We even went so far as to check out what people in the UK have been searching for in the last 12 months. We actually had to remove ‘rings’ as one of the options here because the results were giving us lots of ‘Lord of the Rings’ results, which actually ranked pretty highly!

Earrings were the most searched jewellery piece in the last 12 months, which is consistent with the most popular piece of jewellery to wear. Specifically, people were searching for ‘gold earrings’ and ‘silver earrings’, which we have plenty of!

The second most popular search was for bracelets and finally was necklaces. 

However, when we add ‘gift’ to any of these search terms (‘earrings gift’, ‘bracelet gift’ or ‘necklace gift’), bracelets actually come out on top, necklaces second and earrings last. This shows that the most popular jewellery searched when looking for a gift for someone is a bracelet. 

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It appears that, for people who are shopping for jewellery for themselves, the most popular jewellery type is a pair of earrings. 

However, for people who are search for a gift for someone, the most popular jewellery type is a bracelet. 

If you’re shopping for a gift for your favourite teenager, you can find a wide range of bracelets, necklaces and earrings on our website! Everything you can see has been tested and approved, and we gift wrap for free, no matter what you buy!

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