Do Girls Like Jewellery As Gifts?

If you’re shopping for a teenage girl, you might be wondering what the best gift you can buy her is. If you’re a grandparent or aunt, you’re also probably looking for something that is both trendy and affordable and, ultimately, something which she will actually use or wear. 

Lucky for you we know that the best gift for any girl is jewellery. And affordable jewellery doesn’t mean low-quality. There are plenty of fine jewellery (rather than costume jewellery) options in sterling silver or 18k plated gold that you can buy for less than £30. 

There are lots of reasons why jewellery is the best birthday present for girls, and these are the reasons you should buy them something sparkly!

Jewellery Makes Any Girl Feel Special

The top reason for buying jewellery for girls is that you’ll help her feel really special. Whether it’s a bracelet, ring or necklace, she’ll feel like you really value her if you give her jewellery. Helping teen girls sparkle is part of our ethos and we look at each piece before we stock it and say ‘will she LOVE to receive this?’ If the answer is yes, then you can buy it!

A Gift She Can Cherish

If you buy a girl a piece of jewellery, you know that you’re getting her something she can really cherish for years to come. As previously mentioned, you don’t need to spend lots to buy her a keepsake gift. An excellent birthday present is a birthstone necklace with a matching pair of earrings. The chain and pendant are made from anti-tarnish sterling silver and the birthstone is semi-precious zircon.

Alternatively, you can buy her a locket and place a message in there yourself. This will give her something that she can wear and cherish through the years because it’s from you. This idea is particularly popular amongst grandparents, and we can even write the message if you’d prefer to send this gift direct (gift wrapping is free!).

Younger Teens Want To Grow Their Jewellery Collection

Girls aged 13, 14 and 15 love to receive jewellery as a gift because they simply don’t have much yet! With our curated collection, which is sorted by age so you know you’re buying something age-appropriate, you can select a piece (or two!) that you like, and be confident in knowing that your favourite teenager will love it. 

Younger teens are really starting to grow their social circle and spend time with their friends, so wearing a cool piece of jewellery to those social events will mean a lot to them. 

You Can Buy Something That She’ll Wear Every Day

Jewellery is the perfect gift for a girl because you don’t have to buy something which is particularly ‘special’. You can purchase something sparkly which you know she’ll enjoy wearing every day. We think that silver rings or bracelets are the best present in this case. Even better, you’ll be able to see her enjoy wearing it too, rather than the piece being saved for special occasions. 


Girls love to receive jewellery as gifts! Whether it’s her birthday or ‘just because’, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful bracelet, cool ring or adorable pendant necklace. 

All our pieces are tried and approved before they are uploaded to our website, so you can shop with confidence. Additionally, we gift wrap everything so you can send direct to your favourite teenager with confidence. 

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