What Age Do Girls Start Wearing Jewellery?

If you’re thinking of buying a jewellery gift for a girl, you might be wondering what age girls actually start wearing jewellery. As important as ensuring the girl you are shopping for is old enough to wear jewellery, is to ensure that you are purchasing high quality jewellery which won’t cause any allergic reactions or make their wrists green!

We categorise all our jewellery by age, so you can rest assured that you’re shopping for something which is age-appropriate. 

What age do girls start wearing earrings?

According to this article in The Telegraph, the age in which girls get their ears pierced has fallen dramatically over the last ten years and now sits at age 7. When shopping for earrings for girls age 14 and younger, you should consider how heavy the earrings you are buying are and you should consider only buying stud earrings. It’s generally thought that gold hoops are not appropriate for this age and you should only consider silver studs with hypoallergenic steel posts. In a survey we completed, silver stud earrings were the most age-appropriate earring type for younger teens. 

We have a few favourite picks from our collection, including daisy studs, a bumblebee and flower pair of studs and sterling silver birthstone studs. For teenagers who are a little older, you can consider silver hoops with charms attached, like these enamel daisy charm earrings. 

What age do girls start wearing necklaces & bracelets?

Most girls start wearing necklaces and bracelets at age eight, but this is usually only children’s jewellery. You have to consider material and sizing for anyone under the age of 13. We recommend only buying jewellery made from 925 sterling silver or hypoallergenic stainless steel. Our collection of necklaces can be purchased for girls under the age of 13, but you may find that some of them will be a little long! However, at least you’re purchasing affordable jewellery that they can cherish. 

When shopping for bracelets for girls, you have to consider size more seriously, as there is a risk of it slipping off. We add bracelet and necklace length to almost all our products so you can shop with confidence. Bracelets are actually our most popular gifts for girls (and a top search for jewellery gifts) and any which are silver in colour go down really well. Not all our bracelets are sterling silver, but this ensures you can find beautiful, affordable options for your favourite teen.

No matter what you buy with us, you can rest assured that everything has been tried and approved by our in-house team before being uploaded to our website. We also offer free gift wrapping and a handwritten message so you can send your gift directly to your favourite teenager, whether it’s their birthday or another special occasion. 

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