Positive Thinking Gifts For Teenagers

Positive thinking can help reduce stress, combat feelings of low self-esteem and improve physical health, according to this article. It’s a really powerful tool, which, we believe, can help to make a teenager’s life easier. 

It’s not easy being a teen! In fact, for many, it might feel like a constant battle. In between your body changing, trying to sort out the best period products for you, social challenges at school and the never-ending pressure of exams and ‘what shall I do with my life’, it can be really hard to feel good about yourself all the time. 

Sometimes, teens need some help to increase their self esteem through positive thinking. And they may not want to speak to the adult in their life!

So we have complied some brilliant gifts for teenagers which will help them with their positive thinking, with the aim of increasing self-esteem generally. Remember, positive thinking is a skill which needs to be practiced, and these gifts can help to instil that skill into teenagers for years to come. 

Weekly Positivity Flip Chart

Featuring a new message for each week of the year, this positivity flip chart makes a wonderful bedroom accessory for any girl in need of a morning boost. Adorned with floral designs, this compact flip chart fits perfectly on a desk and the charming messages can even be cut out and framed.

Positive Affirmation Cards

This colourful 52-card-deck of life-affirming phrases will help any teen build confidence, work on resilience and form a healthier relationship with themselves. Each card has a short, powerful statement on it which helps to dull those negative inner voices. 

There are many ways to use the cards: repeat your favourite affirmation before school, write them in a journal or even stick them to your mirror as a constant reminder. 

Some of our favourites are ‘I am confident in my ability to stay focused today’, ‘I am patient and kind to myself with progress’ and ‘I do not let my fears hold me back’. 

‘Believe’ Ring

Elegantly crafted and engraved, our Believe Affirmation Ring is a timeless piece with a powerful message. Adjustable for a perfect fit, these rings serve as a reminder to believe in yourself and your limitless potential. Let your hands speak volumes as you embrace the mantra of belief in all you do.

With a high-shine finish, these rings are perfect for everyday wear. Made from durable stainless steel, they are tarnish-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring both longevity and comfort.

Positive Planner Journal

The Positive Planner guides teenagers through a 12-week journey of self-care, helping them develop structure and positive thinking when they need it most. This journal can also establish coping mechanisms that will aid in managing anxiety for years to come.

The bright canary yellow, hardback journal features mood trackers, mindfulness activities, exercises for positive thinking, daily intentions, and evening reflections. It makes a thoughtful gift for a teenager experiencing anxiety about exams and school.

Fidget Ring

An excellent gift option is a minimalist, hypoallergenic anxiety ring. These discreet rings blend in seamlessly, ensuring no one knows their true purpose. Crafted entirely from sterling silver, the ring features movable silver balls that are ideal for fidgeting and can help reduce anxious behaviours like skin picking. Additionally, the open band design makes sizing a non-issue. You can also include a motivational message at checkout to personalize the gift.

‘I Am’ Wooden Affirmation Tokens

These gorgeous, sustainable wooden affirmation tokens make a lovely gift for any teenager. Each token is inscribed with an “I am” affirmation and features a whimsical leaf design.

Positive Thinking Candle with Crystals

Our collection of soy, vegan candles is adorned with affirmations and accompanied by crystals, offering an affordable and meaningful gift. Once the candle has burned down, she’ll be left with a lovely tin and a set of crystals.

Each crystal set is thoughtfully paired with the affirmation to enhance its power. For instance, the “I am unstoppable” candle includes aquamarine stones, known for bringing courage, harmony, and clarity.

‘Self Love Club’ Ring

These fun rings are a must-have for every woman’s stocking this Christmas! If you’re reading this, be sure to get one for your sister, niece, and best friend. No matter our age, all women need a reminder to be kind to ourselves and to love ourselves, and what better way than with this beautiful signet ring!

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