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Christmas is coming and you need a few more gifts for your favourite teenage girl’s stocking. It can be difficult to shop for teen girls, because it’s not always clear what’s cool and what she will really like. 

Lucky for you, our definitive list of the perfect stocking fillers for girls will leave you in no doubt as to what to buy her. Everything in this list has been tried and approved before being uploaded, so you can’t go wrong here! Plus, we gift wrap everything for free, which will save you some time when the present arrives. 

Now, we are a jewellery store for teens, so we always think that jewellery makes the best Christmas present for any teenager, but we also have a few brilliant confidence boosting gifts which we know she will love. 

Bracelets & Bangles

Who doesn’t love finding a special bracelet in their stocking? This inexpensive collection makes the best gifts for teenage girls and they have all been tried and approved before being uploaded to this list. 

Choose gold celestial charm bracelets, silver sun chain bracelets and cool bangles too. 

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Positivity Flip Chart

The perfect small gift for girls who need a little boost every day, and it’s the best way for them to start the new year. Our small but mighty flip chart is just A5 in size and is beautifully decorated with flowers and weekly affirmations. There are 52 in total, one for every week of the year. 

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

A pair of sterling silver stud earrings are the perfect tiny stocking filler for a teenager of any age. These dainty earrings can go in a first piercing or second, or third! For Christmas, we recommend the lightning bolts or the evil eye studs. Both pairs of earrings are decorated with cubic zirconia making them super sparkly. 

Affirmation Cards & Affirmation Tokens

This Christmas, give her the gift of positive thinking. Affirmations are proven to boost positive thinking and practising affirmations is a skill which will help increase her mood and reduce stress for the rest of her life. 

We have a couple of options to help her get started: our affirmation cards are brightly coloured and feel very sturdy in your hand. Or you can buy some wooden ‘I am’ affirmation tokens which come with a handy bag so you can take then with you wherever you go. 

Sterling Silver Necklace

A classic gift for a teenager, choose from a wide range of sterling silver necklaces for her stocking. We have ones with heart or shell pendants, as well as ones with celestial designs which thread-through to fasten. 

All our sterling silver jewellery is hallmarked and tested before we upload it to our website, so you can shop with confidence. 

Celestial Jewellery For Christmas Time

For Christmas jewellery gifts, the best theme is celestial. Discover our collection of jewellery inspired by the sun, moon and stars! It makes those dark evenings feel more magical when the stars are out and you’re wearing your favourite jewellery, even if it’s cold!

Our favourite piece of celestial jewellery are this pair of little star drop hoop earrings, which is the perfect gift for older teens. Younger teens are best with a super cute silver bangle. 

Matching Bracelets For Daughters

Have two daughters and you’re worried what to buy them when they are opening their stockings together? We recommend buying matching bracelets, especially our ‘bestie’ bracelet. This is also a lovely gift for cousins. 

Other than the bestie bracelet, we also think our sterling silver heart bracelet or sterling silver star bracelet will go down a treat. They are appropriate for teens of any age and you can guarantee she will wear it right through the festive period. 

Affirmation Candles

A top stocking filler for girls, our affirmation candles not only have a cool affirmation on the outside, but they also have special stones to match the affirmation inside. And once the candle has burned out, it makes for a great jewellery pot!

Silk Scrunchie

You might not have seen how popular silk scrunchies are on TikTok, but we have! They are perfect for girls who like to wear their hair up but also want to protect it from damage. Choose a pink or navy option – it is a brilliant stocking filler!

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Silver Or Gold Hoop Earrings

Perfect for older teenagers, hoop earrings help her create that ‘clean girl’ aesthetic and we have so many cool options to choose from. While our favourites are the minimal hammered hoops, girls who are just getting into earrings will also love the daisy drop earrings. 

An Initial Necklace

Another gift which is perfect if you have more than one teen to buy for, get them matching necklaces with their own initial on it. These are perfect for sisters or cousins who will open their presents together on Christmas morning. 

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page


These are the best stocking fillers for teen girls. We spend a lot of time searching for these products and we test them too, so you can shop with confidence over the busy Christmas period. 

Remember, no matter what you buy, we will gift wrap it for free which will hopefully save you some time when things get busy. 

If you’d like to find more jewellery gifts for your favourite teenage girl, you can shop below by age or by product. We have sorted all our products into age-appropriate categories to make your life even easier!

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