Our founder, Lucy

Despite being a super active teenager, with a good group of friends, I often found myself lacking confidence in my school years and into my university years. The open discussion around mental health in this day and age is excellent, and I want to find a way to promote that even further! 

Jewellery is such a lovely way to tell someone that you care about them. For younger teenagers, it can make them feel grown up and pretty. For older teens, moving away to university or finishing exams, it can be a reminder of family who love them and are really rooting for them. 

So here we are, in my home office in Devon, painted in ‘sulking room pink’, with cute earrings and necklaces next to me, all ready to be gift wrapped and unwrapped by your favourite teenager!

Based in Exeter, UK

We send all our jewellery from Exeter, UK (which is also our HQ!)

Tried & Approved Products

All our products are tried & approved before being uploaded to our website.

Free Gift Wrapping

No matter what you buy, we'll gift wrap it so you can send direct.